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Maximize your energy savings!

Everyone in Hawaii knows solar is a great option! Currently, batteries are an essential part of a solar system to help homeowners save money both day and night. It’s important to point out key features of how the solar and battery work together and to help you understand how you can maximize your potential savings! During the day, the solar panels generate electricity to power your home and charge your battery. Once the battery is fully charged, your system will automatically reduce production to match your home’s energy consumption. At night, the battery powers your home using the energy it stored during the day. As a result, your savings will depend on when and how you use your energy. Here are a few tips to boost your savings.

  1. Work with your solar consultant to size your system and storage correctly for your needs.
  2. When possible, run high-usage appliances during the day while the sun is producing electricity for your home. (motion graphics of AC, EV auto, Stove, Washer/Dryer, etc.)
  3. Avoid turning on large appliances at the same time to avoid purchasing electricity from the grid. Multiple loads at the same time may require more amperage than your batteries can supply.
  4. Minimize energy usage at night to help your battery last until the morning. Understanding the electric grid is your back up and WILL bill you for excess power delivered to the home at night is very important.

With these simple tips, you’ll have some control to make your system work in a manner to help your family save as much as possible for years to come.

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  • No out of pocket expense
  • Potential for thousands of $'s in savings!
  • Immediate savings on your next bill